United Nations Women (UN WOMEN)


HQ: New York, USA

Focal Point: Marianna Belsky


Key figures: Greenhouse gas emissions 

Key Figures: Waste

Key Figures: Water


** Please note that the following information was last updated November 2017 **




UN WOMEN is the women's fund at the UN, dedicated to advancing women’s rights and achieving gender equality. UN WOMEN supports implementation of existing international commitments to advance gender equality, focusing on four thematic areas: enhancing women’s economic security and rights; ending violence against women; reducing the prevalence of HIV and AIDS among women and girls; and advancing gender justice in democratic governance in stable and fragile states. UN WOMEN works on the premise that gender equality is essential to achieving development and to building just societies.

Experience so far


UN WOMEN’s leadership has shown significant support for the climate-neutral initiative as demonstrated through UN WOMEN’s Executive Director’s support for various environmental and social sustainability initiatives at UN Women.

Reduction efforts


UN WOMEN is understudying the strategies and policy for enhancing environmental streaming for operational effectiveness in UNDP and other UN Agencies. This will hasten the process towards making UN WOMEN a green working environment as well as responsive to environmental considerations in its normative and programme work on the ground. 



UN Women continues to strive toward improved accuracy of its assessment process and increased participation from all its regional and country offices. UN Women purchases its offsets from UNFCCC. In the past, UN Women has also purchased its offsets from UNOPS.

Waste management

We provide 3 bins to each employee (1 for paper, 1 for metal, plastic, glass and beverage cartons and 1 for trash).  This ensures that everyone is recycling.  Additionally, we do not supply paper cups in our pantries and encourage our employees to use reusable bottles/mugs.
Our printers are set to print on 2 sides in order to reduce wasting paper.

Water management

We have a ticket system so that anyone who notices anything like a leaking sink for example may report it to us and we take necessary steps in order to address the issue.

Next steps


UN WOMEN aims to target high emission areas identified by its internal green-house gas assessments.