Top Tips

This page provides ideas for Green Champions on what you can do to help create a more sustainable United Nations.

1.  Find friends - There’s a limit to what you can achieve on your own. Find out if there are any other Green Champions in your organization and get in touch with your Sustainability Management Focal Point.

2.  Convene a green group - Invite other staff to a meeting to set up an informal staff-led green group. Use some of our posters if you like….

3.  Make a plan - As a group, work out your priorities. You won’t be able to do everything, so identify some clear achievable objectives. You could run an awareness raising campaign with staff. You could arrange a working lunch, or a presentation at a staff meeting. Or you could identify specific actions to work on, i.e. setting up a recycling scheme, eliminating bottled water, liaising with your travel team. Work out who’s going to do what, and when. Use our Launch Plan and Staff Engagement Toolkit to help you.

4.  Get senior managers engaged - Invite them to write an article, to chair a ‘green’ staff meeting.

5.  Implement - Work out who’s going to do what and get going! Remember that the more people you can get involved – whatever you’re doing – the better.

6.  Communicate - Use your existing internal communications systems to engage staff at every stage, using every means possible. Intranet, website, meetings, emails and posters are all good starting points. Feel free to use some of the resources on our Staff Engagement Toolkit.

7.  Keep it positive - Make people feel good about what they’re doing. Guilt won’t work.

8.  Make it personal - Use examples of real people making real change.

9.  Develop specific actions for staff - Give clear, detailed instructions on how staff can make a difference through their day-to-day behavior at work.

10.  Share your successes - Communicate with your stakeholders on a regular basis - staff, suppliers, your green team, the communications team and senior managers. Make sure you celebrate your successes with everyone who played a part.

11.  Surprise people - The best communications are often the most surprising. If you’re bored of posters and emails why not try something different? An art installation? A staff picnic? Let your imagination go….

12.  Monitor progress - Measure your achievements against your original objectives.