Mon 27/09/10
Greening the Blue – the website covering all issues relating to the United Nations's sustainability performance – has won an international award for ‘Best Website’.IVCA – the International Visual Communications Association – exists “to promote...
Wed 15/09/10
Millions of people across the globe will be cleaning up their local parks, waterways and forests in a bid to restore and protect nature this weekend, in support of the United Nations 2010 International Year of Biodiversity.
Tue 14/09/10
Greening the Blue ( has been nominated for 'Best Website' by the judges of the IVCA Clarion Awards.
Mon 06/09/10
Less air travel, more e-conferences and ‘green meetings’ to catalyze climate neutral strategyThe United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) is today publishing an ambitious new strategy to reduce its carbon footprint and pave the way towards a zero...
Wed 01/09/10
In addition to alleviating global hunger, the World Food Programme (WFP) is also contributing to efforts to create a more sustainable United Nations. WFP’s Armenia office provides an excellent example of WFPs approach: using energy efficiency and...
Tue 31/08/10
Travel is responsible for approximately 50% of the United Nations’ climate footprint and represents a major cost - over US$ 1 billion per year for the collective UN family. At the same time, travel is an essential means by which the UN delivers...
Fri 20/08/10
How will climate change affect the lives of ordinary people in low-income countries? How will this affect the nature of the UN's work? What might the UN look like in 2030? Unsurprisingly, there are no straightforward answers to these questions. But...
Thu 19/08/10
Humanitarian action and relief efforts save lives and provide essential aid in the aftermath of natural disasters, conflicts and other crisis.
Wed 11/08/10
The United Nations has a reputation for encouraging private sector organizations to practice sustainable development and pursue environmentally-friendly policies. In turn, many businesses now report on their sustainability performances through a...
Tue 10/08/10
In response to demand from our supporters, Greening the Blue is proud to announce the launch of a stand alone resources tab.
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