World Bank's Corporate Responsibility Strategic Plan

Mon, 13/11/17

The World Bank aspires to lead by example as it safeguards the wellbeing of its staff as well as the ecosystems, communities, and economies in which it works. Recognising the need for greater and lasting actions, the World Bank developed a Corporate Responsibility Strategic Plan in 2016. 

This Plan clarifies the process oriented issues, primary impact areas, and key internal partnerships which outline a strategic approach to corporate sustainability for the World Bank, in the next 3 years.   

External stakeholders including representatives from international financial institutions, non-governmental organisations, the private sector, and sustainability news outlets were surveyed to prioritise impact areas. The resulting plan was then validated by experts from within the institution. 

Through implementation, the Bank will create a systematic way of minimising use of natural resources such as energy and water, diverting waste from landfills, and curtailing greenhouse gas emissions. Environmental costs and benefits of these impacts will also be measured and reported.

An action plan to set long-term targets within these impact areas has been approved by the WBG’s Managing Director & Chief Administrative Officer. Progress made on the action plan will be reported on the World Bank Corporate Responsibility website and Sustainability Review


World Bank Corporate Sustainability


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