UNEP online tutorial promotes greening

Mon, 23/02/15

In just three months since launching, more than 30% of UNEP staff have completed the Greening the Blue tutorial on sustainabiity management and they're giving it rave reviews.

The tutorial - which was developed by UNEP in partnership with UNDP - follows a day in the life of two UN staffers, Stick and Bean, as they go about their respective jobs.

Viewers see how their two new colleagues overcome a number of environmental challenges and learn how they can also help to reduce the UN's environmental footprint through small changes in their behaviour. 

UNEP top management have made the tutorial compulsory for all staff in UNEP and the tutorial is being promoted internally to make sure everyone completes it in the coming months. 

So what have UNEP staff been saying about the tutorial? Here are some of our favourite quotes:

“Very informative, and enjoyable tutorial. I wish we had more like this one! The content is very clearly presented and explained. I've learned a lot”.

“Thank you for organizing this tutorial. I hope to see many positive changes made by UNEP in the forthcoming weeks and months”.

“Thank you for this tutorial! It was very well done and I loved to take it! It is always good to be reminded and I really hope that this tutorial could be used also outside the UN. It is inspiring! THANK YOU!”

“Very nice tutorial, well animated and very lively! Congratulations to the team who prepared the tutorial!”

“Congratulations. This tutorial is very useful and one of the best I have seen.”

The tutorial is a first step towards enhancing UNEP staff awareness on environmental sustainability and UNEP is  assisting other UN organizations promote the tutorial to their staff.

UNEP is committed to reducing its environmental footprint to the greatest extent possible. Efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions focus on travel and procurement policies, office management, ‘clean’ energy use and staff awareness. Staff awareness is key, as sustainable and responsible resource use in the long-term will also depend on the engagement of every staff member in the system.

To find out more about UNEP sustainability initiatives and/or contact UNEP Climate Neutral Officer, Mr Shoa Ehsani.

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