Stick & Bean show UN staff how to 'green the blue'

Wed, 06/08/14

The UN has launched its first on-line sustainability tutorial for all UN staff.

The hour-long tutorial shows efforts to measure and reduce the UN’s greenhouse gas emissions, and ways in which individual UN staff can contribute through small changes in their working lives.

Introducing the tutorial, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon explained:

"The new UN tutorial on sustainability shows how individuals and organizations can reduce greenhouse gas emissions, shrink our environmental footprint and cut costs. I count on colleagues across the UN system to follow the examples of Stick and Bean and contribute to a cleaner, healthier planet."

Designed to be engaging and enjoyable as well as informative, the tutorial takes the form of an animation, and follows two UN-staffers, Stick and Bean, through a typical working day as they learn how to incorporate environmental considerations into their decision-making processes.

We see them in their offices, booking travel, attending a meeting, going to the canteen, travelling to a mission, visiting an offsetting project and undertaking a tour of a Country Office. At each point in the day they learn more about the ‘greener’ options on offer and some of the additional benefits associated with their choices.

Each individual is asked for general information about their location and behavior at work at different stages throughout the tutorial. They are then given an overview of their work-related carbon footprint, and how it compares to a typical staff member from their organization, and an average UN staffer.

The tutorial is aimed at all UN staff and will help to explain why sustainability matters to the UN and the ways in which we can all play a part in greening the blue.

Each UN organization will take the decision as to whether the tutorial will be introduced as mandatory training via their Learning Management System, alternatively the tutorial can be accessed publically here.

Stick & Bean movie poster

Early reviews of the tutorial suggest it will be popular in UN offices around the world:

“This tutorial will definitely cause awareness on the many things we can do to change towards improving our decisions on this subject… Changes start with oneself and hopefully the knowledge transferred through this tutorial will make such change.”
Claudia Lissette Martínez Pereira
Procurement Associate, UNDP, Guatemala

The tutorial is a joint venture by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and has been created in response to a request from UN agencies via the Environment Management Group.

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