Rome agency staff volunteer for clean up day

Mon, 19/10/15

 Around 100 colleagues and their familes from the Rome based UN agencies (IFAD, FAO, WFP, IDLO and Bioversity International) joined forces at the Caffarella Park in Rome for the annual Clean Up the World Day on Saturday 19 September.

Building on last year’s success, colleagues got together to clean up one of the most beautiful parks of Rome, which is widely used for recreation and sports by many Romans.

The crowds grew throughout the day as students from St Stephens school in Rome joined the activity, as part of their community service program, and passers-by joined in spontaneously to do their part.

The event was supported by the municipal waste management company AMA Roma, whose staff provided tools and helped the volunteers to sort the collected waste for recycling. Local food emporia Eataly and Fattoria di Fiorano offered organic refreshments. Ente Parco Appia Antica that manages the park, ran guided tours and showed the natural features of the area after clean-up was completed.

"This is our humble little contribution to this beautiful city which is hosting us. It’s the least we can do" said one participant.

Categories: Staff Engagement