Procurement guidelines for UN cafeterias launched today

Wed, 02/03/11

The growing population of the planet (four fold in the past 100 years) is placing a strain on the ability of the world’s agricultural production to meet the nutritional needs of the entire global population.

Rising food prices, increasing environmental legislation and growing consumer awareness are already making their mark on this fast moving market sector. In a sign of the times, food manufacturers are now competing over their provenance and sustainable credentials.

But despite a huge amount of information about the different options available it isn’t always easy to know which the best option is and identify the best approach to sustainable procurement.

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) has therefore joined forces with The Russell Partnership to develop a set of guidelines on and for the sustainable procurement in UN cafeterias, food and kitchen equipment.

The guidelines provide the reader with a summary of the key principles of sustainable procurement, key environmental impacts of food, social issues associated with food production, and the principles for implementing best practice.

While these guidelines are primarily aimed at UN agencies, they are available for any organization to use.

The Sustainable procurement guidelines for UN cafeterias, food and kitchen equipment are one of a series on sustainable procurement.

Click here to access to the Background Report and Product Sheet for UN Cafeterias, Food and Kitchen Equipment, as well as other resources for sustainable procurement.

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