Paper recycling at Green One UN House, Viet Nam

Wed, 13/02/19

In an effort to further improve the environmental performance of Green One UN House in Viet Nam, a paper recycling initiative was introduced by its Facilities Manager.

Since 2016, staff have been gathering used paper from the building’s copy centres, and by the end of 2018, around 1.5 tons of paper had been collected for recycling. The used paper from Green One UN House was then sent to the factory of CORELEX, a leading manufacturer of recycled paper in Asia, where it would be processed into toilet paper.

In exchange for the used paper from the offices, the Green One UN House Common Service Unit received 1,000 rolls of toilet paper from CORELEX. These rolls of toilet paper, made of paper recycled from the office’s waste paper, can now be found in Green One UN House’s restrooms.

Not only has this initiative saved 1.5 tons of waste paper going to landfill, but it has also provided some financial savings in the form of free toilet paper.

Categories: Waste