A green wind over FAO

Fri, 08/07/16

[Article written by: Jean Philippe Decraene]

2016 has begun under the sign of corporate environmental responsibility for the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

On the occasion of the 2016 World Environment Day, the Organization has launched its Corporate Environmental Responsibility Policy as part of FAO’s commitment to reducing and eventually eliminating its potentially negative impact on the climate. The Policy, which applies to FAO headquarters and decentralized offices, specifically provides criteria for the management of environmental and social risks related to internal operational areas (i.e. facilities management, air travel and fleet, procurement).


FAO has also released an infographic that summarizes the actions undertaken by the Organization since 2011 to lower its ecological footprint. With a 29% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and several other projects linked to sustainable waste and water management, FAO showed a strong commitment to improve its environmental performance while increasing annual savings.

Finally, the Organization has also offset its unavoidable emissions relative to 2014 operations (certificate), hence becoming climate neutral in line with the Movement Towards a Climate Neutral UN.

There is a long way to go though and the FAO’s Infrastructure and Services Division is well aware that there is still room for reducing the internal impact of the Organization’s administrative operations. As a result, we have devoted our efforts towards two energy efficiency projects that will further reduce FAO’s electricity consumption at Headquarters (HQ) as of 2016.

Starting from November 2015, HQ corridor lights have been upgraded with LED and sensor technology. This project has now been completed and it will save the Organization approximately USD 71,000 per year and reduce emissions by approximately 150,000 kg CO2/year. This is the equivalent of removing 32,000 vehicles from the road annually. 

A green wind is blowing over FAO and the Organization is truly committed to align with the Organization’s overall efforts to promptly respond to the threats posed by climate change. Together with the Sustainable UN initiative and the Issue Management Group on Environmental Sustainability Management, our organization is going for the gold while trying to set an example and protect the environment. 

Watch the video to see exactly how the FAO are going climate neutral, or visit the site to access the full resources and read more.

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