Mon 11/10/10
We are delighted to announce the launch of Greening the Blue’s animation with Spanish subtitles. The animation features Flip and Norma as they do their best to create a more sustainable United Nations. Feel free to share the animation with your...
Mon 11/10/10
Climate change has been and remains a top priority for the United Nations, whether it is for promoting concerted global action, bringing solutions that help people cope with climate impacts, or in finding out the best climate science available....
Mon 27/09/10
Greening the Blue – the website covering all issues relating to the United Nations's sustainability performance – has won an international award for ‘Best Website’.IVCA – the International Visual Communications Association – exists “to promote...
Wed 15/09/10
Millions of people across the globe will be cleaning up their local parks, waterways and forests in a bid to restore and protect nature this weekend, in support of the United Nations 2010 International Year of Biodiversity.
Tue 14/09/10
Greening the Blue ( has been nominated for 'Best Website' by the judges of the IVCA Clarion Awards.
Tue 10/08/10
In response to demand from our supporters, Greening the Blue is proud to announce the launch of a stand alone resources tab.
Thu 22/07/10
Beth Pe’Och from UNOG has written an article in UN Special about office plants and their value to our well-being.She cites several pieces of research and reports which highlight the positive impacts that indoor plants can have on health, in reducing...
Wed 07/07/10
The Greening the Blue Facebook tab was released today and can be seen in action on UNEP's Facebook page. The tab highlights the key features of Greening the Blue and show's what's happening to create a more sustainable United Nations.
Fri 04/06/10
Follow the launch of Greening the Blue on our launch blog. If you've got something to add, please email your story to [email protected] All times are in British Summer Time.  FRIDAY 4 JUNE 22:50 International have done a story
Wed 02/06/10
You can follow the progress of Greening the Blue on Facebook and Twitter. Sign up, become our friend, our fan, follow us, tweet or blog: Visit our Facebook page Follow us on Twitter We're keen to hear what's happening to green the blue where you are...