Buying better vehicles for the UN

Tue, 25/01/11

Rising oil prices, tighter environmental legislation and growing consumer awareness are already making their mark on one of the most carbon hungry industries of them all - the motor industry.

In a sign of the times, vehicle manufacturers are now competing over the efficiency of their vehicles, the brilliance of their eco-technologies and their support of more sustainable fuels.

But despite a huge amount of information about the different options available it isn’t always easy to know which is the best option and identify the best and greenest car to go for.

This issue applies to organizations just as much as to individuals. The UN purchases a huge number of vehicles each year, and according to the Annual Statistical Report on UN Procurement over USD 477 million was spent on motor vehicles in 2009 alone.

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) has therefore joined forces with Fleet Forum and the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) to develop a set of guidelines on the purchase of better vehicles.

The guidelines provide the reader with a summary of key environmental and social impacts relating to the production, use and disposal of vehicles, as well as technical specifications to help procurers draft bidding documents that will attract more sustainable suppliers.

While these guidelines are primarily aimed at UN agencies, they are available for any organization to use.

The guidelines for the sustainable purchase of vehicles are one of a series on sustainable procurement.

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