Achim Steiner: working towards a sustainable UN

Mon, 18/06/12

Achim Steiner, Executive Director of UNEP, outlines the work that is underway to make the UN more sustainable in an article for the Rio+20 edition of the UN Chronicle. Here are the opening paragraphs

"Reputation is a key asset for any organization, and the United Nations is no different. That is why it is critical that the organizations that make up the United Nations system clearly demonstrate that they adhere to the same principles that they promote. It is fundamental for maintaining both their reputation and integrity.

Sustainable development is a core objective for the United Nations family. Through their many and varied activities, all UN organizations contribute to sustainable development in one way or another—through economic development, poverty alleviation, healthcare, peacebuilding, infrastructure support, or environmental protection.

To lead by example is, therefore, critical for the United Nations system as it embarks on a journey to move towards resource efficient management and climate neutrality. There are other benefits to be realized as well, including better risk management, preparing the organization for a resource and carbon-constrained future, improving staff morale, and cutting costs…"

You can read the full article on the UN Chronicle website