Greening the Blue Report 2018

Welcome to the 2018 edition of the Greening the Blue Report, detailing the UN System’s environmental footprint and efforts to reduce it.

This year's report includes greenhouse gas emissions data from 66 entities across the UN System for 2017, representing 255,741 personnel. It also includes data on waste (60 entities), water (58 entities) and environmental management (38 entities).

Addressing the latest edition of the Greening the Blue Report, UN Secretary-General António Guterres said, “the United Nations must lead by example. I am committed to accelerating sustainability efforts and support the UN System to achieve climate neutrality by 2020. I call on un leaders, staff and business partners to promote efficient energy use, zero waste to landfill, low-emission transportation, carbon neutral buildings and sustainable supply chains and procurement.”

The following sections contain more information about the UN System’s environmental footprint in 2017 as well as efforts taken in to reduce it: 






Working together as one UN


Greenhouse gas emissions


Waste management


Water management


Environmental management






This work would not have been possible without the invaluable cooperation and contribution from ICAO, by supplying the air travel emissions calculator, and UNFCCC and UNOPS, for providing offsetting options to UN entities. It would also not have been possible without the tireless efforts of the Focal Points of the Issue Management Group on Environmental Sustainability Management. They are responsible for compiling data for their entities and have undertaken the task, with the support of staff from across the UN System, to monitor, measure and reduce the environmental footprint of their entities. The Sustainable United Nations (SUN) team would like to commend them for their work – a model for cooperation in the UN: 

Marylene Beau, Ana Witt (BRS), Paulo Tagliari, Neil Pratt, Maroun Abichahine (CBD), Dharmakirthi Wijewardane, Iosif Ovadias (CTBTO), Yunus Mohammed (ECA), Elif Kizildeli (ECE), Melissa Villarroel, Andrea Marquez, Guillermo Herrera, Eduardo Lyon, Cesar Rodriguez (ECLAC), Flavia Reale, Stephen Rieger, Jenwit Panchan (ESCAP), Halim Nader (ESCWA), Tina Mittendorf, Ilary Ranalli, Giulia Cavo (FAO), Sungmin Patricia Kim, Richard Smith, Yifan Ma (Field Missions), Paul J Kilmartin (IAEA), Lorenzo Gavilli (ICAO), Dave Nolan, Davide Testa, Matthias Meyerhans, Kåre Pugerup, Kim Veldman, Roberto Montalto (IFAD), Carolina Ferreira, Els Brackenier (ILO), Evelyn Nash (IMF), Aubrey Botsford (IMO), Dina Ionesco, Eva Mach (IOM), Alexander Kasterine, Michaël Cordier (ITC), Antonio Giangregorio (ITC-ILO), Peter Ransome (ITU), Karina Holm (OHCHR), Maria Minadaki (OPCW), Dan Teng’o (Ozone Secretariat), Susan Bolvenkel-Prior (UNAIDS), Somarajan Pillai (UNCCD), Fernando Zarauz (UNCDF), Lucas Assunção (UNCTAD), Anne Fernqvist, Andrew Hudson (UNDP), Shoa Ehsani (UN Environment), Florence Kamandu (UNESCO), Dragoslav Jovanovic, Anne Jona, Miguel Naranjo, Niclas Svenningsen (UNFCCC), Oliver Buehler (UNFPA), Andrea Dekrout, Alain Gonin, Anna Kaplina (UNHCR), Violaine Haeringer, Kathleen Chen, Michael Martini, Sudhindra Swamy, Guido den Braven, Isabella Leite Lucas, Yiran Song, Colette Nchong Takwi (UNHQ), William Abi Abdallah (UNICEF), Ilir Misha, Laila Gerold, Konstantin Ivanov (UNIDO), Angus Mackay, Cristina Rekakavas (UNITAR), Jana Warming, Mathieu Legros, Annie Dufour (UNOG), Talia Owen-Frigyik, Richard Opiyo, Stefano Di Filippo (UNON), Nives Costa, Riikka Jalasvirta, (UNOPS), Michele Rogat (UNOV), Ezzedine Loubani (UNRWA), Angela Wagner, Patrick van Weerelt (UNSSC), Nobuyuki Kawade, Miho Komiyama (UNU), Heidi Nabel-Meyer (UNV), Marianna Belsky, Melissa Clermont (UN Women), Philippe Lemaistre (UNWTO), Lovisa Selander, Olivier Boussard (UPU), Georgina Stickels, Andy Cole, Charlotte Jourdain, Francesca Gavassini, Emanuela Cattaneo (WFP), Marina Maiero (WHO), Isabelle Boutillon, Agnes Lostis (WIPO), Carlo Tancredi (WMO), Monika Kumar, Alexis Wheeler (World Bank), Devin McDaniels (WTO). 


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