United Nations Day: 24 October 2018

Wed 24/10/18

United Nations Day 2017 marked the 72nd anniversary of the UN Charter’s entry into force, and celebrates everything that the UN represents and has achieved since its establishment in 1945. 

All the member states of the United Nations contribute finances to its operation to help further its goals. Aside from world peace, its role has grown to include protecting human rights, promoting social and economic development, and providing aid around the world in cases of famine, natural disaster and armed conflict.

Each year, the global network of UN Information Centres organizes a variety of events to mark UN Day. Activities range from ceremonies, seminars, panel discussions, symposiums to series of briefings for students, art competitions, rallies, film screenings and book/photo exhibitions, media campaigns- including interviews and newspaper supplements- and social media campaigns.

The details of 2018 celebrations have not yet been announced.

Learn more about UN day here.