Do you think all UN meetings should be organised as green meetings?


Yes, let's go green! It starts with us individually and then we move out to others. YES UNEP CAN and IS ALREADY PUTTING IT INTO PRACTICE!

Isn't it time for all these world tours to stop? Has the UN ever heard of Skype and YouTube? And how are we (the tax paying public) supposed to keep funding these worldwide junkets? Get a better model please! I hear there are smart people who work at the UN, maybe they can set a new standard for the world!

go green go paperless in our offices,environment,our houses,our towns and every where you think it can be made green!!!eat green!!sleep green !!!dress greeeeeeen!!!!!!i love greeeeeen!!!!

i bet UNEP is doing agreat job and on the individual side lets irrigate tree planting on a very serious note or else we wont get rid of poverty!!kudos men!!

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